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11.09.09 Towards an Inclusive World After 9/11, two major developments took shape in the international politics. First, genuine national movements for right of self-determination received a set back as any protest and resistance was dubbed as terrorism, More»

01.08.09 Letter to member and supporters for the attention As a past or present member of Third World Solidarity, it is a pleasure to be in contact with you regarding the 2009/2010 membership subscription in the hope that you will continue to support TWS. More»

30.04.08 The 22nd Anniversary of TWS Baroness Hanham, Dave Anderson MP & Martin Salter MP of APPG on TWS, Attlee Suite
More »

To a lecture on Islam and the West to be followed by dinner
The Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Group on Third World Solidarity, Mr Dave Anderson, M.P. To a lecture on Islam and the West by Izzat Majeed. More»

09.05.07 Formal Lanuch of All Parliment Group on TWS
London: Member of British Parliament have emphasised that conflicts should e resolved through peaceful means in order to bring peace in the world. Attention cannot be paid on health, education and on other issues until political conflicts are not resolved. More»

28.03.07 “Iran: No More War ”
Discussion on the current situation in Iran and the Middle East in the context of the “War on Terror” More»

The Foundation Day On 9th and 10th April, in the coming year, on the foundation day of the TWS International, we are holding a big conference in Central London. More»

28.10.06 School Project in village of Bagrool Bagh Everyone recalls the horrors of the 8th October 2006 Pakistan Earthquake. Millions of people were affected and continue to be so. More»

01.08.09 Letter to member and supporters for the attention

Dear Friends and Associates,

As a past or present member of Third World Solidarity, it is a pleasure to be in contact with you regarding the 2009/2010 membership subscription in the hope that you will continue to support TWS.

Members and non-members of TWS have asked me: “What is the good of a TWS membership?” Or how, for what is a pretty tiny monetary contribution: “Can I possibly be of help?” The answer is straightforward... membership of TWS gives every one of us a voice.

As we stand, the voice of TWS is regularly heard in the Houses of Parliament and issues tabled receive the attention of the press. In 2005 we formed the TWS All Party Parliamentary Group chaired By Dave Anderson MP.

The TWS Executive Committee is there to respond to you and further to help by providing a voice for those who are receiving ill treatment or injustice from this none too perfect world.

As individuals we have just one voice; a hundred voices can make a noticeable sound, a thousand even more so. Vitally, it is your individual support that gives TWS its voice, and your membership our strength. This strength is noticed, so much so that I have pleasure in including a list below (*) of some of your fellow TWS members and supporters who we have drawn to help us in a very real way by speaking on the matters we champion.

Recent events have featured speakers ranging from Professor Joseph Stiglitz (Noble Prize for Economics), Walid Al Mohalem (Foreign Secretary of Syria), and David Frost through to  Professor Akbar S. Ahmed, Professor Kanchan, Tony Benn and Gore Vidal.

Finally, please note that we are working on a three year plan to be announced by Tony Benn at the House of Commons on Tuesday, 27 October 2009.

Please contact me with any queries. I look forward to hearing from you.

With thanks and kindest regards,


Cllr Mushtaq Lasharie, Kensington & Chelsea Council
Chair of Third World Solidarity

Previous speakers include:

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, Ms Sanam Bhutto, Victoria Schofield, Ramsey Clark, Ramesh Chandra, Michael Portillo MP, Baroness Emma Nicholson MEP, George Galloway MP, Frances Maud MP, HE Khalid Al Devshaan, HE Samir Khyami, HE Afif Safiah, HE Professor Manuel Hassassian,  Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP, Mohammad Sarwar MP, Shahid Malik MP, Michael Anchrum MP,  Gerald Kauffman MP, Martin Salter MP, Lord Amir Bhatia, Lord Dr. Khalid Hameed, Ed Davy MP, Stephen Timms MP, Hilary Benn MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Khalid Mahmood MP, Patrick Mercer MP,Baroness Hanham, Dave Anderson MP, Baroness Dr. Jenny Tonge, Alan Simpson MP, George Bruce MP, Lindsay Roy MP, Jim McGovern MP, Jim Murhpy MP, Kerry McCarthy MP, HE Samuel Moncada, HE Rene J. Mujica Cantelar, Lord Nazir Ahmed, Sadiq Kahn MP, Sion Simon MP, Clare Short MP, Margaret Moran MP, Rob Wilson MP, Humphrey Milan MP, Julia Morgan MP, Marsha Singh MP, V. Sharma MP, Stephen Pound MP, Allan Keane Mp, Ann Keane MP, Peter Hain MP, Richard Burden MP, Ian Gibson MP. Lord Sheikh, Mahmood Sarwar MP.

Councillors include:

Cllr Christopher Buckmaster, Cllr Barbara Campbell, Cllr Merrick Cockell, Cllr Keith Cunningham, Cllr Simon Blanchflower, Cllr Pat Mason, Cllr Richard Walker-Arnot, Cllr Liaqat Ali, Cllr Sarfraz Anjum, Cllr Raza Anjum, Cllr Riaz Mirza, Cllr Mahboob Hussain, Lady Joanna Gardner, Cllr Abdul Karim Sheikh, Cllr Kemal Butt.

Other Supporters include:

Dr. Victoria Goddard, Sir Michael Cooper-Craig (Lord Lt of London), Terry Bamford, Dr. Fatima Sadiqi, Keith Bennett, Sarwar Bari, Mujeeb Mazhar, Dr. Nancy Tokola, Prince Moshsim Ali Khan, His Royal Highness Prince Turkey Al Faisal, HE Haji Salim, Ian Comfort, Mahmood Jamal, Aftab Sahban Mirani, Tony Cuthbert. Huma Price, Yasmeen Sheikh, Mahmood Jamal.

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