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01.08.09 Letter to member and supporters for the attention As a past or present member of Third World Solidarity, it is a pleasure to be in contact with you regarding the 2009/2010 membership subscription in the hope that you will continue to support TWS. More »

30.04.08 The 22nd Anniversary of TWS Baroness Hanham, Dave Anderson MP & Martin Salter MP of APPG on TWS, Attlee Suite
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To a lecture on Islam and the West to be followed by dinner
The Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Group on Third World Solidarity, Mr Dave Anderson, M.P. To a lecture on Islam and the West by Izzat Majeed. More»

09.05.07 Formal Lanuch of All Parliment Group on TWS
London: Member of British Parliament have emphasised that conflicts should e resolved through peaceful means in order to bring peace in the world. Attention cannot be paid on health, education and on other issues until political conflicts are not resolved. More»

28.03.07 “Iran: No More War ”
Discussion on the current situation in Iran and the Middle East in the context of the “War on Terror” More»

10.04.06 The Foundation Day On 9th and 10th April, in the coming year, on the foundation day of the TWS International, we are holding a big conference in Central London. More»

28.10.06 School Project in village of Bagrool Bagh Everyone recalls the horrors of the 8th October 2006 Pakistan Earthquake. Millions of people were affected and continue to be so. More»

“Iran: No More War ”
Attack on Iran would be disastrous & catastrophic, warns Mohammad Sarwar

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London: Mohammad Sarwar mp specking at a seminar of Third World Solidarity on “Iran: no more war” on Wednesday. Khalid Mohammed MP, Sami Khiyami, Dave Anderson MP, Cllr Mushtaq Lashaire, Saundra Salterlee and Martin Salter MP also seen in picture. (Nation picture)
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LONDON: Prominent Muslim MP Mohammad Sarwar has warned that attack on Iran would be disastrous which would push Middle East towards another catastrophe, adding that Britons would not support any us attack on Tehran.
He was speaking at seminar on “Iran: no more war” organized by third world solidarity at the committee room no 10, House of Commons, on Wednesday.
Envoy of Syrian Arab republic to the UK Sami Khiyami, Khalid Mohammed MP, Martin Salter MP, Dave Anderson MP, Saundra Satterlee and Cllr Mushtaq Lasharie also spoke on the occasion.
Mr Sarwar said that Britons were opposed to unilateralism of the United States, “war is not a solution at all. It is important that we oppose military actions and seek political solution of issues we were told that Iraq had WMDs. We were told that Saddam could target the United Kingdom with in 45 minutes but all turned out to be nothing but lies. Today another war is looming over the horizon of the Middle East. We must make efforts to ensure that no other war engulfs the region that is already reeking under the ruins of war.”
He said that it was wrong to think that people hate America. “People so not hate America but they hate the neocons’ agenda of using military force against the country that defy American hegemony. People are averse to us foreign policy. No body hates American people. It is the foreign policy that is unpopular among the masses across the world and this policy must be changed.”
He feared that us policy would trigger a new race of nuclear weapons. “People do think that if nuclear weapons are bad then why should the UK, Israel and the US have them? The US attacked Iraq and Afghanistan because they did not have nukes but it did not attack North Korea because she has it. I am not suggesting that the US should attack North Korea. I am totally against the use of mucks and insane wars, my god save every one form destruction of war. I am saying that this attitude creates an impression that you could only protect your country with nukes.”
He suggested that political ways should be employed for conflict resolution. “I firmly believe that once a terrorist group starts taking part in political process, it gets changed, we have example of IRA which joined political process and got completely transformed. I believe that Hamas should also be engaged besides seeking a durable solution to Middle East problem”
Khalid Mehmood MP said that Iraq war had already resulted in more than 600, 000 casualties. “We cannot afford another war in middle east. It is the responsibility of international community, especially the OIV to play their role in preventing this looming war political means must be sought to address the Iran’s nuclear issues.”
He also demanded that British sailors be release.
Dave Anderson MP said that the EU must play its role to prevent this looming war in the Middle East. “Iraq’s war proved to be disastrous and this looming war might also produce the same results, so, we must make efforts to have it stopped”
Marin Salter MP said that people in the United States were fed up with war and its destruction. It is important that we all raise voice against this possible war. He added.
Sami Khiyami said Iran was experiencing military and scientific renaissance. “It is a legitimate right of every state to have nuclear technology for peaceful support in Iran for having nuclear technology.”
He suggested that those who knew about the affairs of the Middle East should be engaged in having this problem resolved besides arguing that for durable peace Middle East should be made a region free from nuclear weapons. “I think that Europe could play an important role in solving the problems of Middle East. Therefore, it must a play a positive role normalizing the situation in the Middle East.”
Saundra Saterlee and Cllr Mushtaq Lashaire thanked the guests and told the gathering about the purpose of the programme.

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