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11.09.09 Towards an Inclusive World After 9/11, two major developments took shape in the international politics. First, genuine national movements for right of self-determination received a set back as any protest and resistance was dubbed as terrorism, More»

01.08.09 Letter to member and supporters for the attention As a past or present member of Third World Solidarity, it is a pleasure to be in contact with you regarding the 2009/2010 membership subscription in the hope that you will continue to support TWS. More»

30.04.08 The 22nd Anniversary of TWS Baroness Hanham, Dave Anderson MP & Martin Salter MP of APPG on TWS, Attlee Suite
More »

To a lecture on Islam and the West to be followed by dinner
The Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Group on Third World Solidarity, Mr Dave Anderson, M.P. To a lecture on Islam and the West by Izzat Majeed. More»

09.05.07 Formal Lanuch of All Parliment Group on TWS
London: Member of British Parliament have emphasised that conflicts should e resolved through peaceful means in order to bring peace in the world. Attention cannot be paid on health, education and on other issues until political conflicts are not resolved. More»

28.03.07 “Iran: No More War ”
Discussion on the current situation in Iran and the Middle East in the context of the “War on Terror” More»

The Foundation Day On 9th and 10th April, in the coming year, on the foundation day of the TWS International, we are holding a big conference in Central London. More»

28.10.06 School Project in village of Bagrool Bagh Everyone recalls the horrors of the 8th October 2006 Pakistan Earthquake. Millions of people were affected and continue to be so. More»

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Third World Solidarity Foundation history

Third World Solidarity was established on 10th April 1986 in London by a group of political activists and intellectuals. The main object of this organisation is to work for peace and tolerance, helping to resolve conflicts through negotiations and diplomatic means.
Third world solidarity is against any aggression, whether community based or state represented. Third World Solidarity believes that without peace and tolerance to the Third World/ Developing Countries, improvements or progress in Education, Health and Poverty shall be stifled and impossible or at least very difficult to achieve.
This organisation also works for improving the Human Rights situation around the globe.
To achieve these goals Third world solidarity has organized many Conferences, Seminars, and demonstrations against aggression, sanctions and violations of Human Rights.
The world Solidarity is a non-governmental organisation, run by volunteers and financed from supporters.

About Chairman

The Chairman of Third World Solidarity, Cllr. Mushtaq Lasharie was born in a village of a Third World Country (Pakistan), living in an important city of the Developed World London (UK). Observing and experiencing the economic differences and injustices has strengthened his commitment to reduce the differences and inequalities between the people. He is striving hard to make this world peaceful and just one for all mankind.


Mr.Lasharie is the Councilor of The Royal Borough of kensington and Chelsea for the fifth consecutive term and remained as Deputy Mayor of the Council during 2003-2004.
Recently he has launched "London Pakistan Network" with the cooperation of Mr. Ken Levingston, The Mayor of London.
Contact :
Cllr. Mushtaq Lasharie
Third world Solidarity
303 Testeron Walk
LondonUK, W11 1WG

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